DjVu – the better Alternative to the Adobe PDF Format

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Tha DjVu Format is a handsome thing: Although everybody who sometimes wants to share documents across the world-wide-web is familiar with the Adobe PDF file format which was established as world wide standard for this purpose during the last years, most people do not know about the little brother of the PDF format, the DjVu Format. It is pronounced “déjà vu” and was developed as a better alternative to the Adobe PDF format in 1996, only shortly after PDF appeared on the horizon. The DjVu format was developed with the intention of reducing the size of documents as much as possible. In order to achieve these goals some of the best image compression algorithms which has ever been invented are in use when DjVu files are created. This compression is superior to the usual JPG compression by a factor of up to 10-15.

Consequently, DjVu documents tend to be much smaller with respect to their file size than all other portable documents on the market. This is the reason why many electronic books available throughout the internet are using the DjVu format rather than PDF. Also many reports and scientific publications are published as DjVus. Despite the PDF format is still foreseen as the standard solution for sharing documents on most portable devices, there is also a growing number of free tools which allow you to create, read and distribute DjVu files. A famous example for these tools is the well-known program Irfan View which was one on the first widely used applications which provided support for the DjVu file format. Along with these desktop applications there is a real army of online conversion services that help you to create and convert DjVu files and eBooks.

In case you receive a DjVu file as an email attachment you can either install some software on your machine to open the DjVu file or think of using DjVu to PDF online conversion service in order to open the file with the pre-installed PDF software on your system. The service presented here also can quickly create DjVu files out of any PDF. If you got convinced by the advantages of the DjVu format you can use it to created and share DjVus in order to help to increase the acceptance of the DjVu format.

While just converting DjVu to PDF is certainly the faster solution, installing and using DjVu as intrinsic format might pay off on the long run since you might in need such a tool more often anyway due to the large number of DjVu documents which still exist in the web. Don’t forget that their number is even increasing. Therefore adapting your system in a way that it can deal with DjVu files is definitely an excellent idea. Furthermore, you will benefit from the advantages of the powerful compression technology the DjVu format is offering. That way you can turn your laptop or iPhone in a large digital library. Hopefully you got convinced by DjVu reading this article. In case you want to start palying with DjVu files just start converting your PDFs to DjVu.

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